British banker admits murdering two Indonesian women

British banker admits murdering two Indonesian women
31-year-old British banker Rurik Jutting has admitted to murdering two Indonesian women in his Hong Kong apartment two years ago.
Jutting made the confession after the jury in the trial of the British investment banker accused him of the act after they watched a horrific video that he filmed while sexually torturing and killing his first victim.
Jutting has pleaded not guilty to murder on grounds of “diminished responsibility”, while pleading guilty to the lesser crime of manslaughter

It however appeared that the suspect would have no pity from the jury as the four women and five men, all middle-aged, shifted on their seats, clenched jaws, drew breath and sometimes dropped their eyes as they sat through the grisly 20 minute clip on the second day of the trial.

Bespectacled and wearing a pale blue shirt, Jutting was flanked by three policemen as he watched what he had done on a video recording a judge said had been found on his iPhone.
The Cambridge University graduate, who had attended Winchester College, one of Britain’s most prestigious private schools, shut his eyes, sometimes covering his face with his hand rather than look at the screen in front of him.

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