Vote for Clinton, ISIS leader tells Muslims in America

Vote for Clinton, ISIS leader tells Muslims in America

A top ISIS leader identified as Amadh Abu Makmud Al-alwani has called on Muslims in America to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming US elections referring to those who decide to vote Trump as “infidels” and “goat f—-ers”.

The ISIS leader believed to be the number two behind the terrorist organization said in a video that was taken down by YouTube only hours after it was uploaded that; “ All Muslims who will show support for the dog-faced Trump are guilty of masiya (mortal sin)”.

He also claimed that even if Hillary was a woman and a “two face devil”, had the “charm of a pig” and was “treacherous as the snake”, that the Democratic presidential hopeful was at least in league with the “allied countries of the Islamic state” such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Al-alwani also warned all Muslims not to take his warnings lightly and that supporters of Trump would be severely punished on earth and in Jannah (afterlife).

“Trump is a dog; he is the scum of the earth. He boasts that he will take our oil and join Russia, Syria and the Shia Iranians against us in our holy fight” he added, visibly angry.

“This (dog-faced) scumbag must not reach Washington. Although it is a sin to put an inferior being such as a woman into a position of power, it is the true plan of Satan to divide the Muslims of America. It would be dirty and danis (filthy) to vote for Trump,” he explained



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