Uber partners in Abuja suspend operations over poor payment

Uber partners in Abuja suspend operations over poor payment

Incoming reports suggests that about 150 transport service providers working in partnership with Uber have suspended operations owing to poor salary and remuneration.

According to one of the transport service providers who pleaded anonymity, they had suggested ways to make service delivery easy for drivers and riders to the company but Uber failed to heed the advice after several attempts to get things in perspective.

The source said when Uber started operations in Abuja; N220 was fixed to attract riders, an amount lower than the N450 fare charged in Lagos.

In addition, she said to be more competitive, Uber charged N3000 for airport rides when other drivers charged N5000, making demand for airport trips rise and profits to dwindle for the partners.

“To go to the airport from town in Abuja, the average fare is about N5000. When Uber came, it made the fare N3, 000. For whatever you do Uber takes 25 per cent. To make it up for the partner, Uber said for every trip we take to the airport, it will give another incentive of N3, 000.

“After a while, they took away all the incentives. By the time you calculate cost of fuel to and from the airport, you will realise that you have not made anything and there is wear and tear on your car.” The source lamented.

sources: Ripples Nigeria.



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