Stop paying tithe, Its a scam! Linda Ikeji does not pay tithe, Freeze says

Stop paying tithe, Its a scam! Linda Ikeji does not pay tithe, Freeze says


Foremost Nigerian celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji acquired a brand new 2016 Range Rover Autobiography worth about 70 million.

Controversial and outspoken radio personality Freeze of Cool FM had something to say on this. Read below, a post from his instagram

I just got off the phone with Linda after congratulating her on yet another achievement inside this recession, a 70 million Naira Range Rover autobiography SUV. How did she do it? Did she invest in MMM? Of course not, did God bless her because she paid tithe to a Yahoo boy pastor? Hell no!!! So how did she do it??? SHE WORKED HARD!!! The key to success is hard work! Linda works 16 hours a day on the average and she empowers everyone around her, family, friends, widows, orphans and unemployed women that’s what God wants.

@officiallindaikeji I am so proud of you! You are hardworking, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, innovative, unstoppable, influential in fact Ifeoma, you are too much!Where angels fear to tread you go there and buy land. You are an avant-garde archetype and a paradigm shifter all in one and I’m so proud of you! Learn from Linda all u need is Hardwork, perseverance dedication and determination, money will surely come!

God said all the tithe belong to the Levites in Numbers 18: 21. Do you know that Levites are not even Christians?? They are JEWS and they practice Judaism!!! Never in the bible was the role of the Levites or the tithe transferred from the Levite to any apostle, bishop, deacon, disciple, prayer warrior, pastor, priest, prophet, choir master, minister or any Nigerian pastor.

None of the 12 disciples of JESUS collected tithe, so why are Nigerian pastors collecting it on their behalf?

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Generosity is not a must, Ali Baba tells fan who says he’s stingy

Generosity is not a must, Ali Baba tells fan who says he's stingy

Veteran comedian Ali Baba came under scrutiny by a fan on Instagram who claimed the ace comedian is not a generous giver.

The fan on Instagram was actually reacting to Ali Baba remarks on the social media platform when he noted that he cannot be generous to everyone at the same time.

Reacting to the accusation, Ali Baba said; “I saw this message this morning, I thought to myself, what are the criteria that people use to judge whether you are generous?” he said, adding, “I asked myself, are there laid down must do that qualify you as generous?

“I have on my own benefited from so much generosity and it is a given that I must return the favour,”

Continuing, Ali Baba noted that; “People who think that whenever they ask you for help you run and give to them. But life is not like that. He noted that generosity is not a must”.

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Falz closes in on deal to become ambassador for Blackberry Messenger

Falz closes in on deal to become ambassador for Blackberry Messenger

Falz closes in on deal to become ambassador for Blackberry Messenger


The year 2016 is surely a good one for talented musician cum comic actor Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz the Bahd Guy.

Falz who has established his own label known as Bahd Guys Records impressed many when he bagged Best International Act at the BET awards and the Best Comedian in a Movie at the AMVCA’s this year- the first Nigerian entertainer to win awards in music and the movies.

The entertainer who has bagged several endorsements deals notably with MTN and and whose style of comedy delivery was used as a case study for a University student’s project, revealed that he is up to something with Blackberry.

Falz revealed on social media that he is close to sealing a deal to become a brand ambassador for Blackberry Messenger.

The gifted act who squealed recently that he got his funny accent through God’s anointing did not however reveal much details about the deal but noted that it is in the pipeline.

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What Mega Party?

What Mega Party?

What Mega Party?

What mega party? That is my state of mind this morning, a gross lack of respect for this generation of politicians. Their selfishness and plain avarice know no bounds. All they are after are just the personal gains that come from an avaricupious quest for power or how would you describe this latest move for another so called mega party as being pushed by disgruntled elements on both sides.

You see, the idea is very clear. If you loose in the intrigues and power configurations within your party, you go and form a splinter group and call it a mega party. This worked very well for them during the last disposition when dissatisfied elements left the PDP to go form the new PDP on their way to APC. Today, the movement seems to be continuing with the perceived formation of a third leg made up of some very famous names who have been cast aside within the ruling party.

What this does to the cohesion of the political system cannot be imagined as it weakens it and leaves it vulnerable and possibly opening it to chaos and, God forbid, military intervention. Yes, we have seen this cowardly disposition in era past when politicians having lost out and with no resources to build a parallel structure now begin to call for military intervention and when it comes they will start shouting for a transition back to civil rule so that they can try their luck again.

Much as I dislike comparing with other climes, I cannot help but do that especially with what is happening in Europe and what just happened in America. It is very clear to Trump that the establishment within the ruling party did not want him. The spate of recriminations were un-abating, but he did not relent with his message, pouring money into the campaign and not into the pockets of godfathers and influencers.

He never for once thought about building a mega party where he would personally select the party chairman and honchos making himself party leader. He stuck to his beliefs and got first the party and then the people to see his position and today he is to the annoyance of the rest of the world the President of America. Those who lost out too did not go forming a mega party or cause dissident. They have allowed the institutions to handle the matter.

So you can begin to see why this Mega Party thing should not b supported. It is selfish and shallow. It reeks of a callous intention to maintain relevance by the people pushing for it, despite their rejection by the party structure and by extension the people.

Already the infighting even in this new structure has begun. I hear the former President when approached gave as a condition for his acceptance the fact that Atiku cannot be President. You see, and that one is in their for the sole purpose of claiming that ticket, since by his calculation the incumbent in the ruling party, just might want to push for a second term and age is fast moving against him. How he will cross the huge barrier remains to be seen.

For them, issues are not the main thing here but personal ambitions of some people who feel it is their God given right to rule us despite their continued rejection by the people.

The mega party project must die and we will all join hands to bury it in a bottomless pit of infamy.

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